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For one day we will give you and a friend a free assesment, a guided tour and free use of all the facilities.

We will contact you to confirm your date (or offer some alternative if that date is unavailable). Please note: One FREE Guest Pass per household.

our classes

Enjoy the buzz of working out in a group of all ages and abilities with excellent instruction. All our classes are included in the membership for peak members and off peak members attending classes in off peak hours. Off peak members booking classes outside their hours and non members can attend classes, by booking on the day and paying the class fee.

Our Classes

Aquarobics A fantastically effective non-weight bearing workout in water combining movement and the water’s natural resistance.

Cardio Blast A high impact class to challenge your cardio-vascular fitness and improve body tone.

Circuits A classic, intensive total body workout involving a large variety of exercises carried out in a sequence.

Fitness Yoga A class that incorporates deep stretchs, yoga postures and pilates exercises. Improve flexibility, posture and move with confidence.

Hatha Yoga Enhance your flexibility, strength and posture. Through breathing the mind is left calm and focused.

Legs, Bums & Tums A fun filled way to help tone up those wobbly bits you love to hate.

Pilates Focusing on your core abdominal stabilisers. A fusion of breathing, balance, coordination, strength and flexibility.

Power Hoop A fun and effective way to improve your condition, posture, balance and burn fat for a slimmer waistline.

Pump FX Utilising barbells and weight plates, Pump FX provides a progressive, complete-body workout.

Swiss Ball Utilising the Swiss Ball to target your core strength and improve muscle tone.

Zumba Latin and Urban dance moves that successfully tone and sculpt the body while burning fat.